Who We Are

LRI Media Group is the home of Australia’s biggest sports and racing communities. Our dedicated team of sports-loving, digital marketing specialists are responsible for formulating and distributing tips, news and information to an engaged audience of punters, while promoting the services of partnered bookmakers. We take pride in being an efficient, high-scale customer acquisition option for our partners.

The LRI team has grown significantly since the company’s inception in 2019, to now have over 15 full-time staff, and has a growing international presence in the US and UK, along with continued growth in Australia. The company’s success has been built on innovative, cutting-edge marketing techniques which have enabled us to build a variety of efficient acquisition channels for our partnered bookmakers.


What We’ve Achieved

  • revenue_iconimage

    $40,000,000+ Net Revenue

    Generated by partners from LRI referred clients

  • depositors_iconimage

    150,000+ First Time Depositors

    Referred to partners

  • punters_iconimage

    300,000+ Engaged Punters

    Receiving daily tips and content

  • rates_iconimage

    85%+ Content Open Rates

    Through exclusive tipping channels

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