An engaged community of Racing/Sports punters

We are proud to be Australia's biggest and fastest-growing racing/sports tipping network with over 150,000+ members.

Expert creators of original sports betting content for our mass engaged communities that span across multi sports, racing and territories of Australia.

The LRI Media Group team has grown exponentially over an action packed 2 years from inception. The success of the group has been built upon cut-through, innovative advertising and marketing practices that combine traditional marketing with the latest trends of digital and online marketing.

Why LRI?

  • Marketing Experts

    Marketing Experts

    A team of 20+ racing and sports enthusiasts with comprehensive digital marketing and advertising skills and experience

  • Customer Acquisition

    Customer Acquisition

    Since mid 2018, LRI Media Group has been delivering some of the highest FTD numbers in Australia to our wagering partners

  • Engaging Content

    Engaging Content

    Our industry leading picture, video and interactive content is delivered to our engaged sports/racing audiences every day of the year

  • Customer Retention

    Customer Retention

    Post-acquisition, our customers receive customised content to engage, activate and energise their activity and drive LTV of the referral

  • Proven Performance

    Proven Performance

    In less than 2 years, we have referred 40,000+ New First Time Depositing Customers referred to the world's biggest bookmakers

  • Integrated Technology

    Integrated Technology

    We utilise a combination of app integrations, chatbots and web assets to deliver an unrivalled service to our customers and audiences

Our Results

  • 40,000+

    FTD Referred to Partners

    Empowered with industry leading mobile and digital marketing tools, IP methods and models that have resulted in some of the highest FTD numbers in the world for our wagering partners.

  • 85%+

    Content Open Rates

    Social data, push notifications, messenger, pre-loaded Betslips, direct links & backlinks are among our proven proprietary knowledge, and methods for success in consistently engaging punters.

  • 165,000+

    Unique Users

    Every day we use our existing multi marketing channels to leverage and convert mass audiences to generate diversified traffic sources for our partners

  • 40,000+

    Touch Points Per Month

    Consistent push communication engagements result in regular actions and increased transactions for our wagering partners

Our Partners

LRI provides its wagering partners with a proven large engaged audience base with fresh multi marketing channels, dynamic acquisition methods, and IP to convert betting audiences;

– Established pathways ready to deliver FTDs

– Market leading results in customer acquisition, engagement, loyalty and retention

– Engaging content on daily/weekly basis to activate and motivate customers

We invest in continued improvement of our end to end services to create and build on the long term player value and ROI for our partners.

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